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An Affordable Plan for Christian School Credit Recovery

Posted by John Rotheray on Apr 25, 2013 12:58:00 PM

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Like most school systems across the country, Christian schools are feeling the financial strain of the unstable economic climate. Financial stewardship is a cornerstone of Christian school administration. Every decision—to hire a new teacher, to implement a new educational program, to construct new classrooms—must be balanced against a budget. As a private school, you don't have access to the same state resources as your public competitors. Yet, you have the same educational responsibility, but with an added calling: to build an academic program on a solid foundation of Christian values.

Due to these financial challenges, Christian schools often struggle with maintaining a high-quality academic program, having enough space for students, and keeping up with advances in education. Online learning has proved a cost-effective solution to these problems. Online courses are available at any grade level, for every student, and opens the door to expanded course offerings in science, foreign language, and math. Online programs can be tailored to the school and the student. A child of a missionary, for example, who spends six months in Honduras and the rest of the year in the U.S., can keep up with his education through online courses offered by your Christian school.

One of the best uses for online learning by Christian schools is credit recovery, helping students make up ground when they fall behind.

Affordable credit recovery with online learning

Traditional options available to Christian schools for credit recovery include summer school or sending the student to public or charter schools. These options have shown results, but consider the costs involved, both financial and spiritual:

  • Summer school. Summer school is perhaps the best traditional option available to Christian school students. Teachers are available to students in a smaller classroom environment and they can work to get the student up to speed for the fall semester. Yet, the cost can be prohibitive. You have to pay for the teacher and the space while working on a inflexible summer schedule.
  • Public school. If a student is struggling to regain credit in a course and your Christian school doesn’t offer it over the summer, there is always the option to send the student to a public or charter school. There, the student will learn the material, but will you be fulfilling the promise of a Christian education? Parents choose to send their children to your school over public and private alternatives because of your strong academic reputation as well as your commitment to Christian values. By sending a struggling student to another institution, you risk compromising these key differentiators between your school and the public alternatives.

How can a Christian school effectively and affordably reach a struggling student without sending him or her to another school? Online credit recovery. Online learning is flexible, efficient, mobile and scalable, making it the ideal tool for credit recovery at Christian schools. By partnering with a Christian online learning program, Christian schools can offer a credit recovery program that incorporates the same values they teach in the classroom without sending their struggling students to another school. With online learning, courses can be offered cost-effectively to a single student or 30.

What does a Christian school online credit recovery program look like?

Online learning for credit recovery can help level the playing field between Christian schools and public schools. Our new white paper, “Online Opportunities for Christian Schools,” includes an in-depth discussion of how Christian schools are using online learning for an affordable credit recovery solution. Download this free resource for Christian educators using the link below.

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